Suicide Help in Laval

Fighting Suicide at Alfa Care Health Center

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Suicidal thoughts are extremely misunderstood. Suicidal thoughts go beyond the thought to actually take your own life. In reality, it covers a wide range of thoughts that lead to the false conclusion that it is rational to take your own life. As noted by our Laval psychologists, these include hopelessness, lack of incentives, and much more.

The root of these thoughts stem from Major Depression. In turn, there is also a root cause of depression. For this reason, the treatments for suicidal ideation and general depression are the same but with some differences. Unlike depression, suicidal thoughts are an acute symptom and require immediate intervention; in rarer cases, this intervention can occur without the persons consent, if the plan to commit suicide is of an imminent nature.

Once shorter-term interventions are in place, our Laval therapists can resolve the underlying issues of depression. In doing so, we can return productivity and pleasure to you your life. To relive pleasure, call 1-855-382-2482.