Manic Depression Laval

Treating Bipolar Issues at Alfa Care Health center

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Manic depression is a very serious and debilitating mood disorder. It is also called bipolar disorder by Laval psychologists. Regardless of the name, they are words used to describe a condition where you deviate from your regular mood in the middle, ranging from a period of intense sadness to a period of intense motivation, drive, and energy (known as mania).

Bipolar disorder can be detrimental to a persons social, professional, and financial status. The manic phase is associated with promiscuous behaviour, professional misconduct, and spending sprees. Conversely, the depressive phase is associated with social isolation, low work productivity, and suicidal ideation.

Social life, professional relationships, and personal finances, are sensitive topics to address, given their importance. With a Laval psychologist, you can find the right coping mechanisms for your ever-changing mood, at 1-855-382-2482.