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What does it really mean to be depressed? Actually what is depression? This is one of those terms that people use a lot, but rarely do they understand the gravity of what depression is and what it can do. Depression is a killer psychological condition. The depression symptoms alone can cause death. Suicidal thoughts, bottomless sorrow and insomnia are fatal. This is why here at Alfa Care Health Center we provide our clients with depression treatment in Laval. We also provide plenty of information concerning the symptoms of depression that you ought to look out for to be on the safe side.

Signs that one is depressed

The signs of depression can be pretty obvious. A person who says that they are depressed often says it in jest. People with actual depression rarely know that they are suffering from depression. There is a marked difference between depression and sorrow. Often people who are sorrowful are not depressed but people who are depressed are sorrowful.

Aside from sadness, depression is also accompanied by problems such as loss of appetite, lack of sleep (insomnia), suicidal tendencies and carelessness. When one is depressed, they stop caring about themselves, and if they are lucky enough to get out of their homes or offices, they just look tired and completely worn out. A vacation might not be able to fix depression, but we have the psychologists who can help you.

Staying depression free

When you pay a visit to any of our professional psychologists, you will get to learn how you can stay free of depression. This condition is usually brought about by frustrations and stress. We have made it our business to help our clients not only combat depression, but also stay away from it. This is by educating them of the signs of depression as well as providing psychotherapy to handle the depression.