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Panic Attacks are often mistreated as a disorder in and of itself. However, Laval psychologists are well aware of the underlying cause of anxiety attacks: anxiety! In fact, it is as simple as it sounds; the cure to panic attacks are the same as the cure for chronic stress, with some minor differences.

Unlike chronic stress, panic attacks are acute in nature. For that reason, it is important to have band-aid solutions that deal with acute symptoms. This way, we can minimize the damage done until we resolve the underlying issue, being anxiety. The additional benefits to do doing so is the increase in pleasure and physical fitness that comes from decreasing your stress hormones.

It is important to reduce stress hormones because they are highly correlated with myocardial, capillovascular, and infarctionary risks. In other words, elevated stress hormones can induce a heart attack. Prevent heart attack at 1-88-382-2482.

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